Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Johnny West

Marx's Johnny West was a cowboy action figure that first appeared in 1965. I got mine (the first of several) for Christmas that year, along with his Indian friend, Chief Cherokee. In fact, for pretty much every Christmas following for the next decade, I received more and more of the many, many additional human and animal figures that became available. These included General Custer, Captain Maddox, Geronimo, Jane West, kids and some absolutely beautiful but hard to store horses!


  1. I had Johnny West and his Indian buddy and the 2 horse one was light colored and one was dark brown. The light colored horse I think was called Thunderfoot. Maybe........ I played with these things for a long while!!!

  2. In 1966 I was 8 years old. But, my birthday is in mid-December so most of 1966 I was 7 LOL!!!! Anyway, a question What was "Super 6"?