Saturday, July 16, 2011

1966 Playboy Interviews

  • JAN 66 Princess Grace
  • FEB 66 Federico Fellini
  • MAR 66 Bob Dylan
  • APR 66 George Lincoln Rockwell
  • MAY 66 Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
  • JUN 66 Mike Nichols
  • JUL 66 Ralph Ginzburg
  • AUG 66 H. L. Hunt
  • SEP 66 Timothy Leary
  • OCT 66 Mel Brooks
  • NOV 66 Norman Thomas
  • DEC 66 Sammy Davis Jr.

At seven, I was, of course, a little young to be reading PLAYBOY but it sure was quite a banner year for their much-vaunted interviews. This was the year when African-American writer Alex Haley interviewed American Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell, a scene dramatized years later in the sequel to Haley's ROOTS with James Earl Jones as the interviewer and a rare TV turn by Marlon Brando as the interviewee. The only person on this list with whom I was not familiar was Norman Thomas. Looking him up, I see he was a six time unsuccessful candidate for the US Presidency under the Socialist Party of America.

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