Saturday, July 16, 2011

00 Division # 1--The Fat Spy

Phyllis Diller was surprisingly big in 1966. Jayne Mansfield was, too, but in a different way. She was pregnant. Comic Jack E. Leonard (AKA "Fat Jack") was always big. He plays a dual role here. Former big star Brian Donlevy, rumored to have a drinking problem, seemed to be taking any roles he was offered at this point.

It looks and no doubt was ultra-cheap and it yet it has an enjoyable feel to most of the proceedings along with some pretty good music. The plot is superfluous in this type of film but deals with the search for a fountain of youth.

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  1. FAT JACK! I've only heard of this one, certainly never saw it turn up on tv when mid-60s spy spoof movies were all over the tube. This and Arch Hall's "The Nasty Rabbit" would be a dream double feature.
    Someone needs to back me up on my contention that Uncle Nutzy, the host on the MAD magazine kiddie tv show parody, is Jack and not Phil Silvers.