Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chelsea Girls

Pop Art was huge in '66 and Andy Warhol was its king. CHELSEA GIRLS was his first attempt at a movie other than short, avant-garde films. It was...at best..unconventional. Music for the film was by the Velvet Underground and in the cast was their sometime vocalist, Nico, along with Mary Woronov, later to be a cult film superstar in movies like DEATH RACE 2000, ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL and EATING RAOUL.

To quote Wikipedia: It was shot at the Hotel Chelsea and other locations in New York City, and follows the lives of several of the young women who live there, and stars many of Warhol's superstars. It is presented in a split screen, accompanied by alternating soundtracks attached to each scene and an alternation between black-and-white and color photography. The original cut runs at just over three hours long.

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