Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thunderbirds Are Go!

This UK mag special came out in '66 featuring Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's relatively high-tech puppet show THUNDERBIRDS in its film incarnation. I don't believe the series ever actually played around here although I was a fan of their earlier SUPERCAR, STINGRAY and FIREBALL XL-5!


  1. I loved Supercar, and even had a Milton Bradley game based on the TV show. Thunderbirds played on one of the local TV stations usually on the weekends. I've seen the complete series on DVD for both shows on If I had the money, I'd have them already to enjoy all over again. Two Thunderbirds movies were re-released on DVD, and I do have those. They're still fun to watch.

  2. I never saw Thunderbirds during its original run in the 1960's. AFAIR, none of our local TV stations carried it. I did watch Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, and Captain Scarlet.

    Most of the Gerry Anderson shows were syndicated in the US, so their distribution was hit-or-miss. Fireball XL5 was on a national network, so you'd expect it to be the most familiar to Americans. Somehow, though, Thunderbirds seems to be more widely known in the USA. And that was the case even before it was rerun on a nation-wide network in the 1990's.