Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The summer of 1966 was when Spider-Man went from the Ditko version (l) to the Romita version (r).


  1. And what an improvement it was! The underarm webbing was way to cumbersome and I'm glad it was later discarded altogether. Also, the web design on the costume itself was simplified and flowed with the body.

  2. As much affection I have for Romita's art, I couldn't disagree with Luis more strongly here...it's true, Romita is a fantastic technician, and cleaned up much of the clunkiness of Ditko's designs. But no one could match the sheer emotional intensity that Ditko brought to that character. Not even Jack.

  3. As a 1960s kid myself (and 1966 is MY favorite year as well, Steve!) I was on the cusp of Romita and Ditko. The first Spider-Man cover I recall seeing on the newsstand was ASM # 39, Romita's first issue, with those beautiful colors; background graditions of blue to purple by Stan Goldberg. Concurrently Marvel Tales # 3 reprinted ASM # 7 "The Return of the Vulture" by Ditko's style completely fascinated me.

    Romita is a wonderful craftsman and storyteller, but Ditko is a creative powerhouse whose plotting skills, characterizations and costumed designs were exceptional. I looked forward to every issue of Lee and Romita's Spidey, it was my favorite comic, but Ditko's work is exceptional and will always be at the top of the mountain.

    nick Caputo