Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Tammy Grimes Show--Premiere Episode

Hard to believe now but the nearly completely forgotten series, THE TAMMY GRIMES SHOW, about a young, zany heiress, was expected to be a huge success in 1966. Created by George Axelrod who had written Marilyn Monroe's THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH and, also in '66, LORD LOVE A DUCK, its executive producer was William Dozier who had his hands full with BATMAN and THE GREEN HORNET that year. Tammy was a funny lady who had, oddly enough, originally been cast a couple of seasons earlier as Samantha on BEWITCHED, only to pull out at the last minute to do a play. Her twin brother in this series is played by Dick Sargent who would eventually become known as the second Darrin on BEWITCHED! THE TAMMY GRIMES SHOW shot only ten episodes and was cancelled after only four. It was never seen again.

 Above is Part One. It should offer you the other two parts on YouTube at the end.

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  1. Grimes rejected the role of Samantha because, as she put it "This girl has all these powers and she isn't stopping wars?"