Sunday, October 2, 2011

High Camp Super Heroes

The cover of this idiotic mass market paperback collection of the revivals of Archie's old MLJ heroes substitutes Turan, the alien character who gave Fly Man, Mighty Comics' primary superhero character, his powers, in place of the hero himself. It also colors the Shield, literally the first patriotic superdoer, in red white and...purple?

Superman creator Jerry Siegel, who was made to sign his name as "Jerry Ess" on the actual comics, was here at least allowed a real credit...not that these horribly and purposely overwritten tales are anything to brag about.

Notice also the colorful blurb above even the title, with the word "marvel" and the word "stupor," similar to "super," as well as the "DIG" which highlights the "G" as if to make one think of "DC" at first glance.

Full of nostalgic fun at this late date for anyone who read them at the time date but not really good comics.

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