Friday, October 14, 2011

Mike Hazard Double Agent

 One of my all-time favorite action figures was '66's MIKE HAZARD, DOUBLE AGENT, who came with all of the spy equipment seen here. Long after I'd lost it all, I was still using Mike to make modified superhero characters including the Golden Age Hawkman, completed by stretching a yellow balloon over his head and with wings made from shredded paper towels taped over bendy straws.


  1. I had only heard of these, so it's nice to see what Mike Hazard actually looked like. Many cool accessories this guy had!

    Actually, I think Mike never had to worry about his cover being blown. While the bad guys are looking for good-looking guys like James Bond and Matt Helm, who'd suspect someone who looked like William Bendix was a secret agent, too? Genius!

  2. One of the great things about Marx action figures (a term I use her eloosely) is they weighed about eight pounds. My sister and I would have legendary battles, my weilding Johnny West and she with Jane. I would hold both legs and use the figure like a club, while she only held one leg, getting more of a flail effect.

    Luckily I had the longer reach.

  3. I had a Mike Hazard doll; wish I still did. So .... you inspired me to place a bid for one I found on eBay! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for a wonderful, very fun site!

  4. I had one. Great toy. I especially liked the suitcase where you could hide a knife and put a gun cap inside it so it would pop on opening.