Monday, February 27, 2012

More Batman Comics of 1966-Detective Comics

Batman had originally appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS in 1939 and has, to this very day, remained the lead feature in that long-running title. Artist Carmine Infantino brought a sleek new Batman and Robin to the fore when the "New Look" Batman appeared but, as with the other Bat-titles, TV-style camp over-rode everything for a while. 

Legendary artist Joe Kubert has never really drawn the Caped Crusaders but for a handful of lovely covers during this period.

I remember sitting out in the parking lot behind my apartment house reading the above issue, introducing the very original-looking villain, The Cluemaster. Infantino at his most creative was back on the covers starting with this issue.

I never saw this issue on the stands. I'd seen the ads and really looked forward to it but it must have sold out. It would be years before I finally found a copy.

This one I missed on the stands also but I read it soon afterwards at my friend Timmy's house which was, oddly enough, only a few blogs from where my wife and I ended up buying a home decades later. Bane kind of reminds me of this guy. 

Ah...It was the first day of second grade and my Mom had to go to school with me to sign papers and such. I took this issue with me and sat on the stairs going up to the second floor while I waited. This was the issue where Alfred---who had been killed off before it was known he would be an integral player on the TV show--was brought back to life and to the comics.

I never heard of this guy. Just recently a friend in New Jersey was telling me how well-known he was. I still question why he was chosen to guest star when he was NOT well-known past the East Coast apaprently. 

Another amazing cover but another issue I never saw new on the stands. 

And finally, the Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl! This was done at the behest of the TV producers but Barbara Gordon would eventually earn her wings as a legitimate character long after the series was gone. In fact, she would return as Oracle on the much later TV series, BIRDS OF PREY.

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