Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Harvey Comics

At the beginning of '66, I began collecting comic books but I got some even before that--Harvey Comics! My Dad had long mad it a point to bring me back issues of CASPER, LITTLE DOT and HOT STUFF and just because I was getting into superheroes, I didn't leave my old friend behind. Here are Harveys that were on sale around October of 1966.


  1. We always seem to associate "comic books" with "superheroes" nowadays but of the 150 + comics for sale in October of '66, more than 100 featured non-superhero content (Westerns, war, romance, humor, etc.)

    1. In 1966 I was eight years old. I was in the Shriners Children's Hospital in Springfield, MA. for 3 months. During that time my parents could only visit on weekends due to work and the distance from home. Each Sat. they would bring me a huge bag of comics. There were never anything other than Harvey books. I never saw a Marvel or DC. I spent many an hour with Richie Rich, Sad Sack, Wendy, Baby Huey, and Casper among others. I shared them with the other kids on the ward. By the end of the summer there were more kids waiting for my parents to show up on Sat. than for their own parents. There were lots of kids who were sorry to see me go thanks to those great Harvey comics. I'd love to get my hands on some of those comics and relive some old memories!