Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

Highly touted and reviewed, this hip, all-star Hanna-Barbera TV musical spoof of Alice in Wonderland all but disappeared for years but here it is more or less in its entirety at CLASSIC TELEVISION SHOWBIZ.  Janet Waldo leads the great classic voice actor cast and the guest celebrities include Zsa Zsa, Sammy and Jose Jiminez. Even Fred and Barney famously appear in other characters!


  1. OK, now you are making me feel old.
    My Dad talked about this show and had the record.
    I played it until I knew it by hart. Have always wanted to see the show, but it never came to video. Thanks for the memory.

    1. Get a hold of http//
      they DO HAVE the cartoon from 1966 on Video!!
      I just converted a copy from VCR to DVD as I am writing to you!

    2. They DO HAVE IT ON VIDEO! (VHS)
      Google this: Toon Tracker
      then look up this archive
      "HB's Alice in Wonderland"
      I just converted a copy from VHS to DVD!

    3. Hey I went to the Toon Tracker website and found the HB Alice in Wonderland page, however there isn't any download link. Do you still have the movie ripped from VHS? I would love a copy if that's not too much to ask! You could shoot me an e-mail at if you have the time :)

  2. Hedda Hopper (legendary Hollywood gossip columnist and mother of PERRY MASON's William Hopper) died shortly after this aired