Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shakey's Pizza

We had Shakey's Pizza Parlors around here when I was a kid but I never went to one. In fact, we only ever went to one pizza parlor (when's the last time you heard them referred to as "parlors" that sold "pizza pies?") and that was a local chain, Pasquale's.


  1. Hmm -- we had a Pasquale's Pizza in my home town -- but it wasn't part of chain -- that was just the name of the owner. Best pizza ever, if my memory isn't playing tricks on me.

    My favorite thing about our nearest Shakey's (in Davenport, IA) was the 8mm movies they'd play. You'll recall that many of those were severely edited down to just a few minutes. The five minute version of BRIAN'S SONG I saw there, somehow didn't pack the punch of the full version!

  2. We had a Shakey's when I was growing up.
    Like "Pop Corn," pizza was a special treat you had only a few times a year. The "parlors" had music, played silent movies, and served beer and soda by the pitcher. It was an "Event."

  3. There is still a Shakey's Pizza in Auburn, AL!

    Now, if we could find a Farrell's....