Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Batstuff # 13

Seems like everyone put out a version of the BATMAN theme in 1966. The Who, Jan and Dean...everyone who was anyone. It was the thing to do. Seen here is the sleeve for the 45 I had. This was the official, legitimate one by the composer and arranger of the catchy theme, Neal Hefti.


  1. I had the jukebox EP version of the official TV soundtrack album, complete with jukebox song labels -- an incredibly cool item. It was stolen from my antique mall booth after I reluctantly put it up for sale there. It was one of too many comics related items shoplifted from the booth before I called it quits. Wish I'd never decided to part with it.

  2. And STILL the best version of the theme, the only one with its proper rock & roll bottom!