Friday, April 27, 2012

War of the Gargantuas

American actor Russ Tamblyn (later of TWIN PEAKS fame) stars in this Toho production that...Aw, who are we kidding? WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS stars two guys in big, hairy monster suits wrestling on tiny sets for about 90 minutes.

Technically the sequel to the earlier FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD, the story deals with two overgrown brothers, one raised in captivity and one in the wild. They fight. Seriously, that's really kind of all you need to know. You either like this type of film or you don't.  

I didn't see this movie in 1966 but rather a full eight years later on a double bill re-release with MONSTER ZERO, starring Godzilla and Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster.


  1. Now you're talkin'!

    I adore this stupid, stupid movie! Russ Tamblyn is so earnest, and the monsters are so hapless it all is a mishmash, but still works all the same.

    When the green one seems to have munched on the girl it's downright gross and the battle is a hoot.

    I never got to see the original Frankenstein movie until just a few years ago, but this sequel ran on my local TV every other Saturday it seemed.


    Rip Off (FRITZ)

  2. I have not seen the first one, and long to get it on DVD someday; but I did pick up this one and watched it for the first time. I also found the scene where he eats the woman and spits out her hat to be quite chilling, and I know if I had seen that as a kid it would have given me nightmares.

  3. The words get stuck in my throat...