Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Adventures of Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis was amazingly popular in the sixties in spite of a spate of bad movies and a reputation for having an ego the size of the Moon. DC Comics had licensed Lewis along with then-partner Dean Martin for a comic book back in the fifties at the height of the duo's popularity. With the breakup, Jerry got custody of the comic.

Mostly written by Arnold Drake and with art usually by Bob Oksner, the comic book Jerry lived with his bratty nephew Renfrew and a rather obvious and stereotypical witch as a housekeeper. 

As the year began, nearly every issue cashed in on the monster craze. 

The real Jerry had met the Dynamic Duo on television in a brief cameo during a window climb. The comic book Jerry went one better by having an entire infamous but nostalgic adventure with Batman and Robin late in the year.

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