Friday, April 20, 2012

Marvel Super Heroes # 1

This was one of THE single best comic books of '66! A one-shot special from Marvel reprinting the classic early AVENGERS tale where The Hulk leaves the group, the origin of Daredevil and best of all, one of the first Golden Age Timely reprints, this one featuring the Sub-Mariner vs. the original Human Torch. This was so sought after I must have traded my copy (purchased at Woolworth's!) away because on this very date in 1974 (see my 1974 journal blog!) I traded my friend Terry something for HIS copy...which I still have (albeit with the cover ripped off).


  1. I was planning on featuring this comic myself soon. I first obtained mine from a jumble sale on Saturday, 7th October 1972. I also got an old copy of Terrific #1 at the same time. Before I went into the jumble sale, I had purchased Superman #251 and Mighty World of Marvel #2 from a newsagent's. Ah, happy memories.

  2. Yes, fond memories! I am glad to have found your blog as it has cemented 1966 as my favorite year, also. But, of course, it could have been 1967 or 1974 or whenever, but relating to almost everything you post just makes sense somehow.