Monday, January 9, 2012

Green Lantern

The recent movie may not have lived up to expectations but DC's GREEN LANTERN was another of my earliest favorite comic books. It was also the first one I ever wrote a fan letter to (although it went unpublished). Gil Kane was the artist on these and became an immediate favorite. 

 The two issues above and below were favorites, a two-parter with a wonderful and genuinely emotional space opera setting. Some great writing from John Broome! I got the issue below in July of '66 at a Greyhound station, probably in Virginia, while my parents and I traveled to North Carolina to visit my mother's relatives.


  1. Loved the 1960's Green Lantern & LOVED DC's "go-go checks" on the covers, too. Seeing them takes me right back.

  2. That was the year they had the go-go checks and Marvel had the Pop-Art Productions.