Thursday, December 29, 2011

00 Division # 19

By request--DIMENSION 5, another cool sci-fi spy flick from '66, this one starring Jeffrey Hunter, the man who MIGHT have Captained the USS Enterprise rather than making this movie had the original pilot for that series sold the year before.


  1. Thanks for honoring my request and posting on this movie! I hope I can see it again one day, I remember so little about it, it will be like new to me, with certain scenes I recall bringing nostalgia. Maybe it will be available in "make-on-demand" DVD soon.

  2. This is another one that turned up sometimes on TV circa 1970, when local TV stations regularly ran science fiction and horror movies on the weekend Late Show. It's basically a spy adventure, like Bond and UNCLE, but had the sci-fi gimmick of a belt that allowed the wearer to travel in time.