Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Trouble With Angels

 I didn't see this until it premiered on TV a few years later but THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS starred one of my childhood favorites, Hayley Mills, the sole reason I have always enjoyed a woman with an English accent. After mostly Disney films, this was a step into more adult material for Ms. Mills...although not too much. Her next film, THE FAMILY WAY would deal with more adult themes and even feature a few seconds of nudity. None of it had the desired effect of getting her more substantial adult roles, however, and her film career thinned out considerably starting here. But it's a wonderful comedy with Rosalind Russell as Auntie a Mother Superior. A sequel, WHERE ANGELS GO, TROUBLE FOLLOWS came along a couple of years later with Russell back and Stella Stevens as a hip young novice.


  1. I actually read the book the movie was adapted from. The story was set (if I recall correctly) back in the 1920s, so a lot of updating was put into Blanche Hanalis's script. A fun little movie, overall.

    The sequel was lame. I'm thinking Stella Stevens was playing the part Mills would've played (since she stated she was becoming a nun at the end of TTwA) if the producers could've retained her.

    Once in a while, I sprinkle my conversations with "I've got a scathingly brilliant idea!"... when appropriate.

  2. I agree with you completely about Stevens being based on Mills' character. The second one, though, did have that cool Boyce and Hart theme song!

  3. Love the Boyce & Hart song (both versions), which is why I bought the DVD for Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows!, being the B&H completist I am.

    OK-- also for Susan St. James! ;o)

  4. "St. Francis Academy" still exists in the suburban Philadelphia town of Ambler...there is currently a campaign to keep the grounds of this former mansion from being turned into a housing development.