Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adult Films

 Yes, Virginia, there were adult films in '66. In fact, there have probably been adult films since the invention of the motion picture camera. They weren't easy to see in the mid-sixties though as only certain large cities showed them. For the most part, these weren't hardcore pornographic films but odd, low-budget mixtures of either nudity and comedy or nudity and violence. Here are posters from a handful of the many released in 1966.


  1. Are all of these images yours? And if not, why do you rarely give accreditation for the sources? And are you aware there is a book titled "1966 My favorite Year?" Look it up.

    Seriously, you really need to provide the info regarding where you're getting your pictures. Just some links at the end of your posts. It really isn't very difficult.

  2. Actually, no. I'm not familiar with a book of that title. I just looked it up on Amazon and on Google and Yahoo and can't find a book with that title at all. Are you sure you aren't thinking of Hal Lifson's book which I have always linked to in my sidebar?

    As far as crediting sources, you'll note that 95% of blogs of this sort don't. Many of these illustrations are things I found and saved from the Net over the years long before the idea for a blog came to mind and I don't necessarily know where they came from anymore. Not an excuse, just a fact.

    For the record, though, all of the comics covers here come from the Grand Comics Database.

    Oh, and if you're going to tell me what I should do, then I'm going to tell you to be a little more polite next time or your post will be deleted.