Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tommy Gunn Vs Action Man

In reaction to the success of the US GI JOE (the original, taller, military one), England came out with TOMMY GUNN, a homegrown version of same.

Not stopping there, however, the UK also came out that same year with ACTION MAN which actually WAS a version of GI JOE.

Both franchises had a long and successful career with both now commanding nostalgia and high prices amongst UK boomers.


  1. Actually, the UK is BRITAIN, not just England. And Tommy Gunn's 'career' was relatively short-lived, from 1966 to 1968. His body was then utilised for a Captain Scarlet action figure, which sold well for a short time. Originally a Pedigree toy, a company called Zodiac later bought the moulds (in 1978) and brought out a cheaper-made version of ol' Tommy until about 1985.

    Incidentally, in your picture, Tommy is wearing a pair of Action Man's boots. Tommy's boots were actually smaller and closer-fitting, and had laces.

    1. Tommy Gunn was way better - He stood up unaided for one thing!

      The detailing on all the TG accessories was better and he was more finely articulated - what's more - when you collected up the Medals cards (21) and got the free action figure back - it was perfect - unlike the stars collection system for A Man that returned you a 'seconds' or partially inoperative model - mine always had stiff/immobile joints and two right hands!

      Luckily I still have my TGunns boxed - a pair...! (and Three Ams but unboxed.

      I was sooo excited when they introduced AM into Uk - TV ads and then finally one showed in the toy shop but - a sailor?? Why did the 'sailor version' come first??