Friday, June 8, 2012

Fighting American

FIGHTING AMERICAN began as a 1950's attempt by longtime partners Joe Simon and Jack Kirby at redoing their biggest triumph of a decade earlier,  CAPTAIN AMERICA, in a Cold War setting. Somehow it very quickly turned into a superhero spoof, though, which is where the short-lived series gained what popularity it had. Apparently Simon retained the rights and here, along with introducing a number of new characters at Harvey in '66, he revived FA (and sidekick Speedboy!) in this one-shot quarter book, cashing in on both the renewed popularity of superheroes and the newfound Marvel fame of his former partner. I believe one of the stories was a previously unpublished inventory story but the rest were reprints. There was no second issue.   

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  1. Got a lot of respect for Simon/Kirby but "Round Robin" may be the lamest villain ever.