Sunday, March 1, 2015


Along with STAR TREK, the late Leonard Nimoy's other contribution to '66 pop culture was DEATHWATCH. Co-produced by Nimoy with actor Vic Morrow, who directed, DEATHWATCH is based on a 1940s play by Jean Genet  set in a prison and containing overt homosexual a time when such things simply weren't done. Produced and released as an indy "adults only" picture, Nimoy himself starred opposite Michael Forest, whom he would run into again on the classic STAR TREK episode, "Who Mourns For Adonis?" Paul Mazursky, later to become a writer, producer and director of great renown, co-starred. Although ignored and forgotten at the time, the film's reputation has grown and is being looked at again in the wake of Nimoy's recent passing.

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