Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bat Stuff # 66

I forget the exact story behind this concept but the guy made gazillions of the cards and then the deal collapsed or something. He warehoused 'em for years and then dumped them on the market in the 1970s.


  1. "Delinquent accounts result in loss of credit privileges and a big spanking."
    Obviously it's aimed at kids. (Unless, say, Catwoman's doing the spanking)
    And the maker got the proper license from DC. Was there a plan for those who owned a card to buy merchandise or something?

  2. I found out the man behind these was actually marketing legend Joe Sugarman, who had 250,000 made up to be sold as novelty items at $1.00 apiece with the actual intent of compiling a mailing list which could, itself, be marketed to other businesses. They languished in a warehouse for ages while he told the story of his greatest flop over and over in books and in lectures. At some point, someone dumped them on the market where, with so many out there, they had NO value. There were fake stories about how they were props from the TV show or the movie but they weren't. They're often described as rare...but they aren't. They're cool though.