Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Double Life of Henry Phyfe

Here's a fondly remembered series--well, fondly remembered by me, anyway. Apparently it's completely forgotten by most others who saw it and totally unknown to all who didn't. Red Buttons starred (with a Vic Mizzy theme!) and it was the first time I'd ever seen Fred Clark who immediately became one of my favorite character actors.


  1. I was only 3 in 66 so don't remember this and have never seen it in syndication. Looks good though. The 60's comedy TV shows are the best. The Munsters, Get Smart, My Favorite Martian the list goes on. The more absurd the premise, the funnier.

  2. I remember that it was being hyped, some, as the fall season of '66 began. Never watched it, though. AS for Fred Clark, his work dates back at least as far at the Jimmy Cagney classic "White Heat" (1949).