Monday, March 10, 2014

Lost In Space Switch and Go Set

On eBay now (not from me) from '66 with a starting bid of almost $4299.00!

In case you're interested:


  1. Had this and the LIS rifle. Lunch box too! Yes, I was a fan.

  2. Obviously, I should have left mine in the box, unopened, instead of playing with it.

  3. I got this toy when I was 7 yrs. old from the 1966 Sears Christmas Wishbook.
    I really loved this toy. I played with it so much it was broken in like a month (the front wheel on the chariot is made of hard, brittle plastic and breaks easily).
    But I loved it so much that I asked for it again the next year for Christmas.

  4. My cousin damaged the Jupiter2 jumping from his top bunk onto the ship. My mom made me show it to him. She confirmed my worst nightmares about sharing!