Saturday, November 30, 2013

Joni Mitchell-Urge For Going

In '66, Joni Mitchell was a Canadian folkie. Over the next few years, her lyrical and melodic genius would make her a fixture on the international music scene where she would stay for decades. Here's an early glimpse and with my personal favorite of her many wonderful songs.


  1. I first heard "Urge For Going" on Tom Rush's 1968 album "The Circle Game" - he must have been the first to cover Joni and James Taylor songs, as several of theirs are on this.
    I had discovered Joni by 1969, so got all the albums, and saw her in several concerts, and even met her in the street once, purely by chance, and had a nice conversation with her, in 1972. Thats at the Joni label on my own blog!
    There is a good interview with her, and a retrospective look at her albums in the English music magazine "Uncut" in their December 2013 issue, with Joni commenting on being 70 now ! My report on meeting Joni is now in their January 2013 issue, in the letter page. I will be posting that on my own blog soon. I cover a lot of 1960s stuff too - and love 1966-67 (BLOW-UP in particular) and those early 60s years.

    1. Your blog looks fantastic and is now bookmarked! Thanks!

      There is a lovely 2013 interview with Joni from Canadian TV on YouTube as well. After watching it last night, I sent it to Trina Robbins who was the "Trina" Joni mentions at the beginning of the song LADIES OF THE CANYON. Trina wrote back,"God, she's still so beautiful, isn't she?"