Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Rounders

THE ROUNDERS was a fun '66 modern western that nobody watched. It was based on a 1965 movie starring veterans Henry Fonda and Glenn Ford...

...which was based on an earlier book of the same name.

But the main reason the movie was noticed--in fact the way it was marketed!--was for the backsides of actresses Sue Anne Langdon and Hope Holiday. 

The TV version couldn't get anywhere near that naughty but stars Patrick Wayne (Yes, The Duke's son) and Ron Hayes did share the screen with some mighty pretty ladies. There was also a cantankerous horse named Old Fooler who was discovered for the film version and went on to appear in many movies over the next decade or so. 

The producers didn't think all that was enough, though, so they threw in veteran scene chewer Chill Wills. Wills had some controversial moments in the sixties such as his hit-you-over-the-head Oscar campaign for THE ALAMO and his major support of George Wallace for President in '68. Never seemed to hurt his career though. His presence made the show more interesting...but didn't save it. THE ROUNDERS lasted only until January of '67.

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