Saturday, September 6, 2014

Frank Gorshin's Bat-Humor

From September of '66


  1. When I reviewed the Batmania CD for Goldmine years ago, I mentioned something to the effect that it was a shame Gorshin never performed this song on Hollywood Palace. I had no idea a clip like this existed, and I thanks ya fer sharin'.

  2. I met Frank Gorshin at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix in 1966, where he was performing his act on stage. I knew him from Batman, of course, of which I was a huge fan, and also particularly enjoyed his performance as the sardonic riddler. I had also seen him as the jazzbo musician in "Where the Boys Are," which I had seen with my sister, and as one of the teens in "Invasion of the Saucermen" on the Saturday morning "World Beyond" film show on our local station. He was hanging out at the small bar in the lobby area and smoking before the show and I asked him to autograph my program, which he was kind enough to do. (Probably wondering how a kid snuck into the bar.) I later borrowed most of his act and the mannerisms of his impressions for a school talent show, also in 1966. Most of the kids had no idea who I was impersonating but the pastor at my parochial school thoughts my 8-year old self's act was hysterical and nearly turned blue laughing. Thanks, Mr. Gorshin. R.I.P.

    Mike C.

  3. Hey BookSteve,

    I have long said 1966 was a great year. Three of my favorite shows came out that year. The Monkees, Batman, and Star Trek. And,...I was born that year. It was a really special year and it continually amazes my wife how many great things came out then. In fact, I have long had a fascination and love affair with the sensibilities, creative concepts, and production values of shows of that era.

    I too really dig Gorshin. My favorite. I've come across this clip before but fun to be reminded of it. Frank's manic energy and dedication to the bit all during the routine is really inspiring. I mean it just gives practically gives me goosebumps watching him go at it in a way no one would do live these days. And a groovy number written by none other than Mel Torme. I mean, how cool is that?

    I met Gorshin 4 times. Once was at the New York Comic Con, and then three more event filled, (and interesting if I do say so myself) fun times after seeing him in his one man show "Say Goodnight Gracie" about the life of George Burns. You can read about it in a blog entry I did on me and Frank.

    Here's my two entries on meeting Frank......


    I dig your site.