Friday, July 18, 2014

Batman-The Complete Series

At last! Obviously, one of the highlights of '66 was the BATMAN TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward. After years of having to settle for self-recorded reruns or bootleg discs from 16 mm, this November the entire series will be officially released, apparently with all the proper bells and whistles! Stay tuned.

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  1. Finally.... the day will arrive. I pre-ordered last week. My 20something nephew asked whether I was getting the blu-ray or not.

    I replied I'm just getting the standard disks, since I typically put one or two in my DVD travel case anyways, and most laptops/hotel room players aren't blu-ray.

    Besides, back in the early '70s..? I was LUCKY beyond BELIEF if I ever got to watch an episode when it wasn't all fuzzy and hard to tune in on some distant affiliate.

    So the idea of me now watching it on a 50" plasma in full technicolor with Surroundsound 7.1...? Nope, standard DVDs are just fine.

    Besides, it'll allow my imagination to ooogle Ms. Newmar and Ms. Craig even more.

    Not sure on who's doing commentaries, but since both Newmar and Craig are still alive, it would have been STELLAR to have their input, along with Burt and Adam.

    Ahhh, we'll see.