Sunday, February 23, 2014


Showcase was a catch-all comic book from DC where new projects were often tested before getting their own titles...or, if sales were lax, not. Much of the year '66 for SHOWCASE was taken up by Murphy Anderson and Gardner Fox's cosmic revival of Jerry Siegel's THE SPECTRE (mercifully minus his sidekick from the '40s, Percival Popp the Super Cop!) and Joe Orlando's INFERIOR FIVE. Both of those features eventually graduated to their own book...which is more than can be said for B'wana Beast who rounded out the year.

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  1. DC seems to have quit them, but I wish they'd keep up the Showcase reprints of Showcase itself so we could finally get these great stories in handy reprint, especially the Inferior Five which cries out for reprint.

    Rip Off