Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sears Christmas Catalog--1966

For many, this was THE most important item in the house in the months leading up to the holidays in '66.


  1. The arrival of the Sears Wishbook and JC Penney Christmas catalog were indeed pivotal moments in the Falls of my youth. It heralded the arrival of the Christmas Season and its gift potential. You can see entire scans of most of these books at

  2. Indeed. I guess the Sears Wishbook came out around November. But I would look through the toy pages over and over again to see all the neat toys I wanted. I probably dog-eared the ones I wanted as well. Of course, come Christmas, I hard got what I wanted, but I did get some cool stuff. I think one of the coolest gifts I got one year was that I got one of those electric slot car toys, that you'd build a figure 8 track for, however, in 1965, one of my favorite gifts of all time: a Sears Silvertone stereo along with my first LP records, The Beatles '65, and a Roger Miller record, with Dang Me on it.

  3. This Sears Christmas was the most important one to me in the world! I was 4 turning 5 on Christmas day of that year and tore out the advertisement of the New Tressy Doll with hair and makeup changes. That page was in black and white as some were. I folded neatly and kept in the back pocket of my little jeans or in the front pocket of my dresses everyday that way when asked what I wanted for Christmas I had it first hand to show. The BEST CHRISTMAS MEMORY EVER*** Laura Hicks 11/28/2015