Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yeoman Rand and Star Trek

Based on her prominence in these pre-show publicity photos from '66, it becomes obvious that Grace Lee Whitney's Yeoman Janice Rand was meant for bigger things on the now-classic sci-fi series which debuted on television exactly 49 years ago this week!




  1. Her character was originally slated as a love interest / secretary / confidant / focal point to Captain Kirk.

    Grace Lee Whitney was unreliable due to an alcohol problem which caused her to be featured less and less as the show progressed. Eventually she was let go due to her habit.

    1. This account is held in despute by several reputable sources. Read her autobiography, "The Longest Trek" for details of how she was propositioned, set-up and raped by a Desilu executive, and then dropped from the show. William Shatner describes her as being "passed around" among men on the cast and production execs....or words to that effect. Read for it yourself.

  2. Either way, she was a little old for TV in those days -- you'd have expected them to cast someone a little more fresh-faced, like Lynda Day (later Lynda Day George). Watching the episodes Rand is in, you get the feeling the production staff & writers didn't really know what to do with her character. Not surprising, as they were doing something completely new for TV in almost every department, and had a lot to handle.